Messla Company
Specializing in the sale and maintenance of air conditioning, ventilation and heating devices
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Integrated Solutions
We provide effective and integrated solutions in the field of air conditioning, ventilation and heating
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We provide you with everything you need
Of spare parts, equipment and tools for construction and maintenance
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Our goal

Customer satisfaction, listening to customers, understanding their problems and needs, and responding accurately to any request. Continuous commitment

Our Mission

Providing radical and effective solutions to the problems of ventilation, desert air conditioning and central heating.

Our Values

Quality, commitment, accuracy, we are committed to the rules of trust and honesty, and customer satisfaction remains first.

Who Are We?

A Libyan company specialized in the field of air conditioning and refrigeration, the company’s headquarters is in the municipality of Wadi Al-Bawanis, Samnou locality.

It provides its services in the entire south of Libya. The company supplies air conditioning and heating devices suitable for the desert climate in the name of its brand. It guarantees its customers quality and safety. The company owns a team of experts in the field of air conditioning. The company seeks to provide integrated solutions and services in the field of air conditioning and Heating suits the local environment of southern Libya.

Our services

We provide equipment, devices and spare parts for ventilation, air conditioning and heating of all kinds

Desert air conditioners

Heating devices of all kinds

Building materials and equipment spare parts

New Messla Company

Carbon Slide Heating (New)

Ideal for installation under most types of household surfaces and floors, and can be used in walls and under tiles, and can also be used under carpets or rugs, as well as false ceilings, producing heating with a level of comfort that no other heating method provides.

Provides the human body with useful infrared heat as well as neutral ions beneficial to human health, the possibility of tailoring and distributing Therma-Q according to the area to be heated, great energy savings of up to 55% compared to other heating systems, Therma-Q is not affected by repeated use and is not exposed to damage, as it is strong flexible sheets Safe and healthy, and if a part of it is damaged, it does not affect the other parts that continue to work regularly.

Double Beds With Heating

The mattress has small water tubes in it

The mattress tubes connect to a small water boiler placed next to the bed

The boiler heats the water and pumps it through the pipes to the mattress and the water returns through the pipes to the boiler again in a closed circuit, and the water temperature can be controlled through the boiler

This way the mattress gets warm and you enjoy the warmth of an obelisk all winter long

We Are Distinguished By

We Have An Expert Team

The company owns a team of trained technicians who are proficient in dealing with ventilation, air conditioning and heating systems of all kinds

Integrated Services

We provide everything you need in the field of air conditioning and ventilation

We Provide After-sales Services

We organize our products, which are supplied on behalf of our company

Our Latest News


Desert Messla air conditioners

Messla Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Company announces the arrival of Messla desert air conditioners for summer 2021 that work with water First type Model: 163

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Diesel Heaters

The arrival of diesel heaters used for poultry and sheep sheds, greenhouses, workshops and all large areas that need heating. The types available in the

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